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Principles of Design:


Variety is when the elements of design are used in multiple ways in different areas of the artwork in order to create interest.  Variety may be used to draw attention to a certain part of the artwork.  

A tall tree grows up from a small island in the middle of a stream. Its bark is made up of twisting and turning lines. The tree is surrounded by a field of wildflowers and grass. In the distance are more trees. The sky is water streaked after a rain shower.
"After The Rain" creates visual interest through the use of variety.  Multiple colours, forms, lines, the use of space, textures, and values are in evidence.  The viewer's eye is drawn to the brown trunk in the foreground.  It is the largest brown form, with the most intricate use of value.  The trunk has more use of line then anywhere else in the image.  The large loosely woven texture is unlike the texture in other parts of the work.  

The tree is separated from the rest of the landscape by a vast amount of space.  A variety of different coloured flowers, leaves and grass help move the viewer's eye through the other parts of the artwork.  Even the sky and river have a subtle variety in value to make them more interesting to look at.


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