S.O. Original Gallery flanked by white unicorns

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Click on any picture below to view it larger.  Images with an asterisk show artwork created in stages.

a pale turquise unicorn rears on it's hind legs on a beach, the picture is surrounded by an oval of Celtic knotwork

Unicorn Beach

a tree in winter with snow clinging to its trunk and branches with a background of swirling blue and purple lines

Groovy Tree:  Winter

glowing yellow fairies nibble a pie set to cool on a window ledge, a kitchen can be seen through the window and around the window are red bricks and a vine with red leaves

Finders Keepers *

a tree with green leaves and grass with a background of swirling rainbow colours and a yellow sun with long sun rays

Groovy Tree *

a white unicorn and a white cat meet at the steps of a tree home . Golden light shines from the door and windows in the tree and the surrounding woods are dim with the twilight hour

Twilight Woods

a cave made out of woven swirls of brown, blue, turquise, and grasping hands. In the backround is the ocenan and the sky.

Hand Cave

a red winged black bird is perched on a twig in front of a marsh of cattails

Red Winged Blackbird

purple irises with a backround of a blue lake surrounded by high green grasses and blue sky

Iris Lake

a roaring fire in a grey bricked fireplace


a tall tree grows out of an small river island in the middle of a vast flowering grassland with a forest in the distance

After The Rain

a still life of onions, a blue bottle, and a glass block that bends the light, in an art classroom

Onion Exposé

a black and white dorm room with a comfy chir, dressor, desk, posters, and a view out the window

Dorm Room

a black crow with some silver blue feathers spreads its wings wide on a blue backround with swirls of black

Blue Crow

three cute fantasy creatures turn their heads to watch. The creatures have feline bodies, with no tails, and dragon-like heads.


a white unicorn drinks from a stream under the branches of a large tree with briliant autumn coloured leaves. The grass is green and the sky is blue.

Autumn Unicorn

a ship in a turquise ocean all in a bottle, which is in a red ocean with a small bottle and anoter ship in an even larger bottle. All in an even larger blue ocean. The message on the small bottle says what is reality and do we really want to know.

Reality In A Bottle

a girl whispers in the ear of a giant golden dragon with red wings and spikes. The dragon is curled around the mast of a sailing ship.

Dragon Ship

an old sailing ship lies on its side on the green grass of a forest floor. The forest has huge trees with trunks as wide as the ship. Sunbeams break thourgh the foliage to the forest floor.

Sunken Relic

a sailing ship moves through a burning ocean but is untouched by the flames. The sun rises to a dark blue sky. A phoenix can be seen it the flames.

The Phoenix

the word tiger is made up of 4 differnt kinds of Celtic knotwork in black and white and a blue tiger

Celtic Knot Tiger:  Negative

the word tiger is made up of four different kinds of Celtic knotwork and a orange and white tiger on a rainbow coloured background

Celtic Knot Tiger:  Rainbow

the word tiger is made up of four kinds of celtic knotwork in black and white and an orange tiger

Celtic Knot Tiger
a beautiful bungalow with a well manicured lawn on a sunny day

Home Sweet Home

All S.O. Original artwork is created by Sarah Olsen.  If you wish to learn more about the artist please visit the Biography page.  

Why do these pieces have giant watermarks with copyright©, year, and artist?  This is to provide copyright protection for the artwork against those who would use the piece without the consent of, or credit to the artist.  Please do not copy any of the artworks from this website.  All prints purchased through the Purchase page will not have the watermark obscuring the image.  Thank-you.

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