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What Colour Suits You

three fantasy creatures turn their heads to watchthree fantasy creatures turn their heads to watch
three fantasy creatures turn their heads to watch three fantasy creatures turn their heads to watch

Depending on your complexion and hair colour some colours will suit you better than others.  Everyone has some colours that make them look vibrant or stunning, while other colours make them look sickly, washed out, or bland.  This section has five hundred and twenty eight pictures to help you find what suits you!  These pages show one artist's opinion on what colours look great, good, fair, and poor for sixteen hair and skin colour combinations.  If your thinking of dyeing your hair you can preview how it will effect what colours will look good on you.  The pictures can also be used to come to your own colour matching conclusions!

Eye colour may also effect what colours look good on you.  In general the hue of your eye colour will suit you.  However your skin and hair colours are the two biggest factors.  

If your favourite colour doesn't suit you there are still many ways to wear it well.  You can use it in an accent or accessory colour.  For example the colour of your belt, shoes, purse, tie, or jewelery.  It can be the polka dot, stripe, or floral print on a background colour that does suit you.

*Please keep in mind that the "What Colour Suits You" section is only one opinion on the subject.  There is no scientific method that determines which colours suit someone.  Anyone can wear any colour and opinions will vary on what looks best.  

  • A summer tan may darken your skin colour from Cream to Golden, Golden to Caramel, Caramel to Chocolate.  If you get a deep tan, enjoy alternate colours that suit you by checking out a darker skin tone on this website.
  • White can be a challenging value to wear.  It brings out the whites of your eyes and the colour of your teeth.  If these are not as white as your clothing it may emphasize the colour difference.  Stained teeth may look extra yellow.  The more your skin colour contrasts with white, the greater the emphasis will be on the whites of your eyes and your teeth.

To Begin;
Click on the closest match to your skin colour.  More hair colours will appear on the following page.

Cream coloured skin

Golden skin colour

Caramel skin colour


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